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Pain Management Billing Services:

Pain Management Billing Services Texas:

The pain management physicians who are treating patients need to concentrate on creating a special and unique approach to treat each patient on their problems which in turn needs a good amount of time and struggle. To establish a notable and successful pain management practice, one should know about the medical billing and coding as well. With many advancements in the medical industry and the revisions of several regulations, such practices need the help of experienced support for accurate submissions of claims and reduction in the denials.

The most trusted Billing company

An expert in pain management medical billing company based out of US, Promed intel healthcare can perfectly handle all of your medical billing processes. The medical billing team at the Promed has the vast experience and sound knowledge for the submission of claims accurately and to enhance your pain management process reimbursement. We can assist you to increase your profits and to get the best solutions for the medical billing and coding in compliance with the latest regulations and norms.

Promed’s medical billing services:

  • Patient enrollment

  • Insurance verification’s

  • Insurance authorizations

  • Pain management coding

  • Payment posting and reconciliation of accounts

  • Accounts receivable management

  • Patient collections

    With transparency being our motto, we at Promed will make sure that you are being made aware of the business analytics and reports. Help us to assist you to make your medical billing more easier and seamless.

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