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Logistics Services:

Logistics services:

Are you experiencing delays and errors due to the incompetency of the logistics services? Outsourcing the logistics services will let you become competitive, and ensures swift deliveries and meticulous documentation. To cut down on costs such as the transportation costs, other minute costs which are made up due to the vast number of invoices that have to issued, it is better to opt for the outsourcing of the logistic service. Logistics is obviously tiresome, due to nonstop work pattern from managing of work to streamlining the flow of the services and resources. Outsourcing the logistics services will help you to gain momentum at every phase of the logistics process.

Promed’s Logistic Process

1. Sourcing/procurement::
  • Document processing

  • Freight forwarding

  • Bill of landing

  • Transaction process

  • 2. Sourcing/Transportation
  • Invoicing

  • Payment Processing

  • Third party payment services

    3. Warehousing:
  • Inventory management

  • IT services

  • Payment processing

  • Invoicing

  • Third party payment services

    4. Order processing
  • Paper to CAD conversion

  • Construction drawing services

  • Land development design services

  • Construction cost estimation

  • MEP design and drafting

  • HVAC services

  • Geospatial services

    Electrical engineering
  • Electrical instrumentation services

  • PCB design and layout services

  • Electrical design & layout services

    Infrastructure engineering
  • Land development design services

  • Highway engineering

  • Storm and sewer drainage design

  • BIM for Civil and infrastructure projects

  • Underground Utility mapping

  • Town planning

  • Urban development

  • Public health engineering

    We are the cherished partners when it comes to outsourcing engineering services in US and we take strict measures for site and management of highly confidential data. We can make customized masterpieces for all your requirements with superior quality at less costs.