Promed Intelsoft Top Medical Billing Company in Texas, USA.

DME Billing Services:

DME Billing Services:

Durable medical equipment billing industry get updated frequently, thanks to the regulatory compliances. The various concerns that the medical equipment providers face are the minimizing collections, errors in the bills, the cost of training new members for the billing functions, and many more and that is why we recommend you the option of outsourcing. If these concerns are neglected, all the problems would lead to a less productivity and a rapid shrinkage of the revenue.

Promed has been a pioneer in the DME Billing services with several years of experience and expertise. The various DME billing service that we provide are;

  • Data capture

  • Practice statements

  • Denial management

  • Claims Filing assistance

  • Custom Report Development

  • Payment posting and auditing

  • Fee schedule update

    DME Billing process at Promed

    As a leading DME medical billing company, we follow the various steps which are unique and easy to follow. Here’s the detailed process of DME billing

  • Sourcing support documents

  • Eligibility check

  • Customized billing and patient statements

  • Electronic claims filing

  • Routine Follow-up on claims

  • 24*7 service support

    So, why should you choose Promed Intelsoft as your partner?

    Various third party billing companies, are primarily focused in maximizing their own revenue. While, we work a step ahead ensuring that all the processes in the DME billing service are done with diligence and care. Here are various other reasons for you to choose us.

  • Certified Biling company

  • Data security

  • Short turnaround

  • Single point contact

  • Confidential data sharing

  • State of the art technology

  • Cost efficient pricing.