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Physician Credentialing

Physician Credentialing:

Physician credentialing is the method of the sorting and confirming the doctor’s professional records. Which is inclusive of their certifications, education, insurance, work place history and much more.

Usually health care centers and other such health organizations have the responsibility to confirm the doctors identity and other particulars to guard the people from the un-certified doctors. The doctors generally are to provide the professional licenses, references and certifications for the process of credentialing. .

Thanks to the Affordable care act which has significantly beefed up the requirements for the credentialing process to eliminate the cheating and the abuse. The insurance plans are ought to meet the standards set by the Act including re-credentialing and attestation.

The method of physician credentialing is at times quite infuriating as the process itself is tedious and comprehensive. Even the smallest of the mistake is very dangerous as it can cause the rejection of the application thereby leading to the delay in the processing of payments and financial losses. Promed has a special team who are trained to work in the physician credentialing service alone.

    Why should you choose Promed?

  • All the document are maintained in our secured database.
  • The CAQH profile is maintained and updated regularly
  • We follow up with the insurance carriers from time to time
  • We do the work while you are freed from the hectic process.
  • And since, the process is time consuming and the minimum duration is of 45 days to a maximum of 6 months, we put in huge effort in processing the exact information and submitting the same, thereby reducing the very minute chances of errors in the credentialing process.