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Clinical documentation Audit:

Clinical documentation Audit:

Clinical documentation audit is the basic for any given healthcare organization that have determined to claim for all the bills. Promed Intel Healthcare is available for you with years of experience to help you claim the bills within 48 hours. We provide the clinical documentation audit which will enable you to align your documents to abide by the guidelines set by the CMS. Behind the success of any clinic or hospital or physician lies the clinical documentation audit.

Improved clinical documentation

Clinical documentation is necessary to avert medical errors. For the processes such as reporting, easy claim reimbursements and tracking of health information, clinical documentation plays an important position. The clinical documentation excellence programs at the Promed are focused on enhancing the accuracy of the documentation to aid the Medicare Severity adjusted Diagnosis- Related grouping project for:

  • Appropriate reimbursement
  • Patients’ severity of illness (SOI)
  • Risk of mortality (ROM)
  • Observed-to-expected (O/E) mortality rates.
  • Not only these but the goals of an efficient CDI program is to aid the medical staff to depict:

  • The patient’s comorbidities on presentation
  • What happened during treatment
  • Reasons for resource utilization
  • Reflection of personalized, quality medical care
  • Continuum of care on discharge.
  • Promed’s role in CDE:

    With our all inclusive data and analytics, we are capable of diagnosing the issues related to the documentation swiftly. The CDI experts at Promed intel healthcare are here to assess your present state and deliver possible insights.