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Orthopedic Medical Billing Services Texas

Orthopedic Medical Billing Services Texas:

Profitable billing is one of the most vital aspects of the revenue cycle for any orthopedic practitioner. Outsourcing your orthopedic billing services to professional billers and coders will make path for a best and seamless revenue cycle with maximum cash inflow and minimum claim denials and delays.

Like how an orthopedic serves his patients to overcome their physical deformities in regards with the tendons, ligaments etc. Experts and professional coders at Promed Intel Healthcare will assure that the orthopedic gets the best help in making a compliant bill that has nil errors.

Promed’s efficient coders:

The coders are well versed with the exact codes for complex orthopedic process such as;

  • CPT code A5500 (diabetic shoe fitting and modification left and right foot)

  • Code L3030 (foot inserts removable

  • Code 97597 (Removal of devitalized tissue)

    We offer services for the various orthopedic treatments/services such as;.

    Non-surgical treatments:

  • Medication

  • Exercise

    Surgical treatments:

  • Arthroscopy

  • Fusion

  • Internal Fixation

  • Joint replacement

  • Osteotomy

  • Soft tissue repair

    Why should you choose Promed?

  • 24*7 customer care service

  • HIPAA – compliant service

  • Our experts are always available to talk regarding your queries with you.

  • As we are well versed with your business, we care for you and we are outstanding business partners that you can strike the deal with.

    We assure you with maximized reimbursements and boosting revenue with less denials.

    We have excellent coders and experts at Promed to take care of all the medical billing requirements.