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Podiatry Medicine Billing Services Texas

Podiatry Medicine Billing Services Texas:

The diagnosis and treatment of the disorders or the illness of the ankle, foot and the sole is simply termed as Podiatry or Podiatric medicine. With a vast usage of modifiers, complex procedures, global periods and other various obstacles Podiatry Billing is complex at times.

Being an expert in the medical billing industry and with the best track record Podiatry Billing services, Promed Intel Healthcare is willing to assist in your Podiatry medical billing management. While you carefully concentrate on the podiatry medical services, we help you win big with your reimbursements, as we are well versed with the complicated guidelines and regulations which the insurance firms follow to assess the claims.

Profitable coding at Promed

The coders at Promed are highly trained with vast experience and sound knowledge and thus they keep track of the various codes to promise a bigger average return per claim processed such as:

  • 28100 – Excision or curettage of bone cyst or benign tumor, talus or calcaneus

  • 28490 – Treatment of fracture great toe, phalanx; without manipulation

  • 20553 – Injection(S), single to multiple trigger point(S), three or more muscle(S)

  • 76881 – Ultrasound, extremity, nonvascular, complete

    Reasons why Promed is always trustworthy:

  • HIPAA-compliant service

  • 30 to 40% savings

  • 24×7 customer service

  • No initial costs or concealed fees

  • Weekly or Bi – monthly reports

  • Regular and legitimate updates regarding the coding and regulation compliances

    We have excellent coders and experts at Promed to take care of all the medical billing requirements.