EHR Advisors:

EHR Advisors:

Finest EHR advisors

Claim retrievals are complex in nature.  Promed Intelsoft being a leader and front-runner in the medical billing history has managed to perform well than all its competitors. Allied Market research has recently attributed that the hospitals had spent a whopping $ 25 billion on EHR internationally in the year of 2007 and that could increase up 50 $ 33 billion by 2024. The biggest profit one can avail by partnering with the Promed is the cost reduction by a huge margin of more than 50% with regards to the expenditure in the EHR.

With Promed as your outsourcing partner, you will be able to

·       Address the gaps with actionable insights.

·       Increase the financial performance through efficient and smart methods

·       Enhance the payment data accuracy by using high quality codes

·       Improve the patient care during clinical emergencies through the data

·       Reduce time, which increase the swift claim retrievals and less denial percentages


What Promed aspires to do as an EHR Advisor?

Promed Intel soft, as a the finest and prominent leader in the medical billing industry, as a EHR advisor advocates for a best state of the art EHR the eases the processes and ensures in clinical compliance

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