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Medical billing and coding company in Texas, USA Complete solution for your medical billing services:

Being one of the top-notch medical billing services, Promed healthcare owns the intellect to provide multi sociality medical billing services with the aid of a management crew that has been functioning together for more than 15yrs. As an A+ assessed company with the perfect business bureau and legitimate HIPAA standards. We can wholesomely assure superior grade of security and protection of PHI. We have been offering healthcare revenue administration to physicians across the nation and we function with evolving updations and upgradations.

As the healthcare distribution system pursues complexions and hassles in navigation, being an outsourcing medical billing partner like Promed healthcare been so essential. Having Promed healthcare as your revenue cycle management partner, you can generate more revenue, more days of A/R can be shrinked and you and your employees will be informed about all regulatory changes to optimize your clinical efforts. PROMED HEALTHCARE’s software and processes provide your practice 95% first claim pass acceptance, 96% of claims get paid in 30 days and 99% of payer claims collected which equates to a smoother revenue stream, better collections and increased profitability.

Did you know that, on average, medical practices are underpaid approximately 14% to 23% of their gross revenues? That translates into $30,000 to $50,000 per physician annually. Don’t let that happen to you. Medical billing and coding company:

We are pioneers in offering medical billing services, certified coding. We have keen knowledge in the rules and processes. As a hi-profile medical billing company, our services engage with startup practices as well. We provide fee schedule analysis, healthcare contract management, insurance eligibility verification, implementation of customized billing protocols, education.

Promed healthcare focuses on enhancing patient’s outcome, satisfaction and medical practice and reduces operating costs: Promed healthcare and its passionate and proficient team carry on the tasks of coding and Billing, medical claim processing, Healthcare management, diagnosis analysis.

Along with informing the patient condition and financials. We claim electronically for faster turn around time period, henceforth you will get paid sooner with a delightful rate. Our all over rate to collect is significantly lesser than the national average this improving marginal gain and cash flow significantly lower than the national average, thereby improving margin and cash flow.



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